Environment Policy

Skylark Prints Publishers recognizes its responsibilities towards the environment and encourages the use of eco-friendly technologies. The company has adopted certain measures to regulate and  reduce its environmental impact. We work towards making our products environmentally acceptable along with meeting customers’ requirements for the highest quality and service. The reduction of waste is one of the prime steps of our environment management programme. The company has framed policies on the proper collection and disposal of solid and liquid wastes so as to render it safe for the environment. Proper employee training is also offered to equip the employees in safe handling of chemicals and hazardous waste. Our reuse and recycle policies help in minimizing environmental damage as well as energy conservation. We use environmental friendly technologies right from the research stage and commencement of a product to its manufacturing, sales and distribution. The policy of the company follows the commitment of implementing sound environment management. Regular monitoring, evaluation, review and follow-up processes are conducted to ensure the company’s compliance with its environment policies.

Labour Policy

We are dedicated to our employees and ensure that working conditions in our company are safe and workers are treated with respect and dignity. We do not employ anyone below the age of 18 years. All standing orders pertaining to management of workers and information regarding their wages, medical services, classification of workmen, working shifts, attendance, leave and holidays along with are displayed prominently on the Notice Board. The employee information is also available on the company’s website where employees can log in and get access to their employee profiles.